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Shared Global Project Management Platform.

Shared Global Project Management Platform.

We welcome you to our Shared Global Project Management Platform information page.
Our Global Project Management Platform allows us to globally collaborate together on unlimited projects.
Our Project Management Platform is separate from our user database, you can use a different email for your projects mgt.

To request Access use THIS LINK. or use the button below.
We manually approve your access.

Our Shared Global Project Management Platform includes an online business management tools
for effective task,  project, time, customer and financial management.

Once your application is accepted, you will learn how to get started with, explore the main settings and get the answer to the frequently asked questions. 
* Creating FAQ currently in development.

The Projects module allows planning and collaborating on project implementation. Here you can manage work stages and tasks, track time elapsed on a project, record project budget, issue invoices and calculate costs. The project team have shared access to documents, notes and is able to exchange comments.

Project Workflow board is designed for visual representation of project’s progress. Use a project board to easily manage projects with the same work structure. Here you can see which project current stage and its milestones.

Workload Board allows estimating your team’s workload. Here you can see all current projects, their stages and estimated revenue. You may change an assignee just by dragging a card to an appropriate column.


WWC WaterCommunity Shared Project Management Backoffice


We can create separate workspaces within our account that can be used to split activities, divide departments such as development, advertising, sales, support or create a workspace related to World Water Community groups, Forums, environmental action groups and Waterconferences to organize freelancers’ work.

We also have a workspace for WorldWaterLab for all water-scientists and laboratories to work together and share documents.

The workspace members will have access to all the necessary data for a particular area of work.
All information will be displayed in one place. We set up user access rights to internal data, which is very convenient for restricting access to confidential information also the chat is private per workspace group.

Each workspace can have unlimited projects.