Frequently Asked Questions

Posts are only translated from English to any of the other languages. So if you want your message to be read in other languages, please translate it yourself to English, so that our automatic translation can subsequently translate it to all other languages.

We use Google API to autocomplete locations when you start typing. However, we have ‘capped’ the usage of this API to a daily limit to take care of our budget, therefore it can happen that it sometimes does not work.

The link you are embedding is probably not on the link list that can be embed in WordPress. Please check this link:

Since you cannot embed these kinds of links, the platform will not allow you to post it even if you have the preview. So the safe way to post it is through using a hyperlink.

Video’s can’t be uploaded. If you have your video on Youtube or alike, you can add the link in your post, and see if it will show with a nice image, in that case it has embedding capabilities and it can play in our activity feed.

However if the video doesn’t have this function you can use the hyperlink functionality to direct people to your video.

Either way people can see your video!